Derek Duke Noble

Fitness Lifestyle Guru, Author, and On-Air Talent

Derek Duke Noble is a world-class celebrity fitness lifestyle guru who has trained top actors, athletes, models, and executives in the entertainment and sports industry. Past clients include John McEnroe, Tatum O’Neal, Michael J. Fox, John Cusack, and Maria Shriver. He has also worked with some of the Royal family members of the UAE.

Derek Duke Noble was also the creator and TV host of “Urban Fitness TV” – a hip-stylized fitness lifestyle television series that aired internationally in more than 50 million homes on the

Discovery Channel’s Fit TV. Canada’s ONE and Australia’s Foxtel Network.

Noble’s list of TV credits includes CNN’s Headline News, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, KTLA’s Morning Show, TLC, CBC, City-TV, CBC, and CTV. He has motivated millions of people with his fitness and lifestyle expertise on various radio programs worldwide and was a guest speaker at Microsoft and Amazon campuses during his national book tour.

Derek’s New York City’s ROAM149 signature fitness and wellness program includes: VersaFit pod cardio training + VR hiking & running workouts, sound yoga guided with Tibetan singing bowls, body sculpting & stretch therapy sessions.

Noble has created an effective, safe, and simple way of fitness lifestyle training, that teaches you how to get fast results anywhere & anytime. His Body Noble book provides a new way of looking at fitness lifestyle training – an easy way to stay fit and healthy. The Body Noble is designed for the person who wants to keep fit and healthy as they tone and transform their body in a time-efficient workout in your home, hotel, or office. Derek’s Body Noble book is available on Amazon.

Derek Duke Noble’s mission is to help you look great, get fit and feel sexy as you restore your body to its optimum health and perfection. Noble is here to provide you with all the tools that will show you how easy it is to honor your vibrant noble body in your busy lifestyle. “Come Roam your way to a fit healthy body!”