Building The World’s First Metaverse Gym

Welcome fellow Roamers to what we hope will be an exciting new chapter in your health and wellness quest. As someone with no prior experience in the health and fitness industry, I often get asked Why? and How? Our project called Roam149 came about.

Why Roam?

Well, the Why? was to address my own peeve at existing treadmills being unable to replicate outdoor running in ways that as a trail-runner, I enjoyed most about running. The rapid grade changes and the freedom to run and explore in any direction and off the beaten path was what makes trail running so stimulating for me. And as an exercise, my own experience was that it works the whole body and reduces repetitive motion stresses from running on straight hard courses. 

Building an immersive fitness experience

The How? and the opportunity to do something about this problem I perceived, came at the beginning of July of 2020 when I was able to have myself and my robotics engineers from RevolutioNice devote some time to building a more reactive and immersive treadmill. Within a short time, we had some very encouraging prototypes which culminated in the model now used at Roam149. The treadmill is aptly named XPRience for that is what it was designed to deliver.

Along the way, we learned a lot about what goes into a good product in this category and we have incorporated things we have learned into what we hope will encourage more people to consider this in their health and wellness regimen. To keep things always fresh and motivating, you can explore different trails and indulge in more than just straight cardio when you are on the XPRience. Whether pushing, pulling, or jumping over objects in the scenes, playing tag, or on a quest with your friends or other Roamers, we are merging the best gaming and exercise technology seamlessly. 

The endless possibilities of the metaverse

What is exciting for me is the endless opportunity to expand on this theme and make this product a Gateway to accomplishing more for individuals of all fitness levels. Delivering on this potential, we will soon have a wheelchair-accessible feature that will allow such individuals from nonetheless enjoying all of the features of the immersive VersaFit Pods that we have built to house the many trails and maps we have created.

A huge bonus at Roam149 is that we have traditional pursuits like Strength and Stretch classes and even Yoga to compliment your workouts as well as Corporate Wellness Programs.

Welcome to the World’s first Metaverse-Gym and please give us your feedback on how you would like to see us evolve!

Sid Raman

Sid Raman, P.E., LEED AP, CBCP is an entrepreneur and engineer with experience in structural, geotechnical, mechanical and energy engineering. Latest interests include automation and construction related robotics. Founder, and inventor of Roam149.