A Roaming Author’s Journey Runs Through Roam149

By Stuart Calderwood / September 29, 2022

I met Christopher McDougall in the fall of 2010, soon after his first book, Born to Run, had come out.  The book was both extremely entertaining and mildly controversial, and it has since become the best-selling running book of all time.  It has many storylines, but the thread that connects them is the argument, which…

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Running in the metaverse

Running in the Metaverse

By Stuart Calderwood / August 26, 2022

If Sid Raman, the owner of the new Roam149 gym and the inventor of the very unusual treadmills that can be found there, had been aware of my attitude toward high-tech gadgetry, he probably wouldn’t have wanted me to write about his gym. One of my favorite things about running is the lack of equipment:…

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Course Previews at Roam149

By Sid Raman / August 15, 2022

Variety is a quality that no runner would associate with a treadmill—until now.  Inventor Sid Raman’s XPRience immersive VR treadmill offers runners more variety than they could find almost anywhere else: the library of courses among which they can choose lets them move from a track to a road to a forest to the Moon—and…

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XPRience: a Metaverse-Portal treadmill at Roam149

XPRience: a Metaverse-Portal treadmill at Roam149

By Sid Raman / July 14, 2022

The Technology A treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill, right?  For the last 90 years or so, that seems to have been the case. Treadmills, other than the display screens attached to them, were largely distinguished from one another by the number of USB ports, magazine holders, water-bottle holders, and the like on their…

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Roam149 A Metaverse Gym Experience

Building The World’s First Metaverse Gym

By Sid Raman / June 30, 2022

Welcome fellow Roamers to what we hope will be an exciting new chapter in your health and wellness quest. As someone with no prior experience in the health and fitness industry, I often get asked Why? and How? Our project called Roam149 came about. Why Roam? Well, the Why? was to address my own peeve…

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