About Roam149

Sid Raman, owner of Roam149, a mixed-reality cardio & fitness gym in Chelsea, NYC


Sid Raman, founder, and inventor of Roam149, a Concept Gym featuring a patented indoor running simulator that recreates the experience of running outdoors with accurate and responsive terrain-following technology.

As an avid trail runner, Sid had always pined for a way to experience, on a treadmill, the same joys of running outdoors. So with a group of talented robotics and mechanical engineers he set about to build the next generation running platform and software to complete this goal.

Building Roam

This venture began around July 2020, during the onset months of the pandemic. Persevering through with each successive iteration, critiqued and aided by professional runners, physical trainers, and even friends and family, the team moved closer to the openness, instant reactivity, and immersive that Sid wanted in the product.

Outfitted with a massive 4K screen, intuitive gesture-based controls, and an amazing patented mechanism that allows for silent inclining and declining of the running surface, the team felt they had a worthy and safe product to bring to the people. The last features of the product's specifications were written in part by the onset of the pandemic. To have each simulator in its own booth with separated ventilation, sound and visuals completed the goal for each user to truly feel one with the walking or running experience while breathing easier.

Our Mission: Revolutionize the Health & Fitness Experience

Cardio workouts will never be boring again!

Roam149 is a next-generation metaverse-portal featuring a cardio and fitness concept that combines the health benefits of a cardio workout with the entertainment of interacting with immersive 3D spaces such as the NY City Marathon or the Moon.

Bringing The Metaverse To Market

The last step was on how to effectively bring it to market and that is why Roam149 in Chelsea, Manhattan was born. The name Roam was chosen to convey the absolute freedom of movement that a user has when using the space. Untethered and immersive, you go where you want, when you want. Whether to run on the undulating landscape of the Moon or try your hand at a virtual New York City Marathon, (all 26.2 miles) we are building a library to enhance training, education, fitness, and physical-rehab processes using our platform. With multi-player features, you can walk or run with someone in the next booth or one day in another country. Enter the Metaverse!

The Future

Sid is supported by an amazing team of hardware and software engineers that brought the core product to the space and other key members include gym professionals; more about their background in the upcoming weeks!

Proprietary Simulator in Roam149, a Cardio Fitness Gym in Chelsea NYC