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The XPRience immersive VR treadmill is the most innovative and valuable new running equipment since the stopwatch. It precisely replicates any terrain, from the Boston Marathon to the Great Wall of China. The super-smooth belt shifts instantly from uphill to down, conforming to the road or trail that you choose. No push-button controls: your speed and the scene on the large immersive screen change in response to hand gestures. Your unique run can be complemented by strength and flexibility training with our certified instructors.

Runners Stretching For Running Classes in Manhattan, NYC


The treadmill of the future is here at Roam149. Forget the drudgery of conventional gyms’ indoor cardio machines and join us on our revolutionary simulators that combine terrain-following technology with realistic and game environments in climate-controlled running pods. Users of all ability levels and sport preferences can get all the benefits. 

Roam149’s growing library of trails and soon-to-be-released interactions and gaming features will leave you healthier and happier!

Immersive cardio training

Improve balance & proprioception

Increased stamina

Wellness & stress relief

A holistic approach to your fitness goals

Unique social & Competitive Interaction

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Our Facility

Roam149 is a state-of-the-art boutique gym with a calming plant-filled décor and air purified by HEPA ultraviolet filtration. Besides our unique XPRience immersive VR treadmills, we offer free weights, and other strength- and flexibility-building equipment. Lockers and showers are available. For a unique fitness experience, visit our conveniently located gym in Chelsea, NYC, open Mondays through Saturdays.